I am thrilled to be able to give you a review on our experience as our Writer in Residence this year.

From the wonderful artifacts to you sharing an excerpt from one of your books my students were captivated from the beginning. They were engaged and jumped right away to write their own story when you showed them the writing prompt. Even students who have learning disabilities and writing is one of their challenges. I sometimes scribe for one of them, but he was so motivated to write his story that he would say “yes, yes, but I know where I am going with this” while I scribed and by the end of it, he was writing by himself because he was so excited.

The use of our Five Senses could not have been better since we were working with them in Spanish writing to make it easier to add details to our writing activities. The concept was not only reinforced but seen in a different light because you, as a writer, mentioned the importance of add details that are at our finger tips -literally-.

Also, at the end when students had the opportunity to share their artifact description and others were able to guess, it created a very excited atmosphere. Students wanted to be chosen to share or guess and everyone was engaged.

Thank you so much for your gift to us.

Alejandra Styles – Bilingual Teacher. Glenmeadows International Spanish Academy. Calgary

We thoroughly enjoyed Jacqueline’s visit to our school. I heard only positive and enthusiastic feedback from teachers. The Gr. 4 and 5 teachers were especially appreciative of the wonderful curriculum link Jacqueline’s presentation covered. Our students are enjoying her books very much!

Jemmie Silver, Director of Library Services, Webber Academy, Calgary

I queried teachers about your visit and the feeling was unanimous that it was a great experience for teachers and students alike. Teachers felt that your lessons were very clear and very systematic; the kids could follow where you wanted to take them. Teachers and students liked the 5 W’s idea for writing; a few mentioned this in particular. There were also high marks for the artifact display and opportunity for kids to view and ask questions about that. Another plus was learning more about the First Nations, Metis and Inuit peoples of Canada during the visit to the artifact exhibit. There were some things that were new for teachers and students alike. Again, thank you so much for your visit and for providing some effective lessons for students with respect to writing. The immediate feedback you gave to the children who shared was helpful to students as we know that is the best kind of feedback: in the moment and specific. I think seeing that was probably helpful for teachers, as well.

Elisa Waingort Jimenez, W.O. Mitchell School Calgary, Alberta

We had no idea that we were surrounded by so many young story-tellers! Jacqueline brought out the power of story in each and every one of our students, inspiring them to learn more about Canadian history, put themselves in others’ shoes, write beautifully descriptive journal entries, and share their work orally with their peers – all in 80 minutes! Our students and teachers loved the workshop, laughing and learning alongside Jacqueline. We can’t wait for her to come back!

Remembering the Buffalo Hunt Through Journaling

Katherine Campbell, Learning CoachHoly Trinity Catholic High School, Fort McMurray

What an absolute pleasure to have Jacqueline in our class today! My grade 6 students where all very engaged during her presentation. They responded and enjoyed the flash writing activity. Her personal passion for writing was evident and she was easily able to make my students embrace her energy! I highly recommend she visit your classroom.

FNMI Easy Key Elementary Writing Workshop

Jen MacDougall, TeacherSister Mary Phillips School, Fort McMurray

That was great! When I grow up, I want to be Metis!

Ryan, StudentFort McMurray

I was the one who cracked your Morse code, and won your book when you visited our school! I read the whole thing when I got home from school, and I loved it! I just wanted to asked about the ending of the story and when I read it I burst out in happy and sad tears! I was wondering if there is another book that continues the journey of Ailish, and her friend Paddy. I also would like to know if Davey comes back to visit her again. I will always read that book and never forget that ending!

Grade Five StudentOlivia

I would like to express my gratitude for your visit on Tuesday and contributing to our Literacy Week. Your presentations were amazing. You had our students engaged and interested. It was wonderful to see their interest and enjoyment. Your books are being asked about and talked about among our students. I have received so many positive comments from students and staff. Thanks for making my first Author Visit a memorable one.

Mrs. Rosa BicanicLearning Commons Librarian St. Wilfrid Elementary

Excellent!  I love Jacqueline’s Metis History and Culture Presentation.  She makes it so much fun for the kids.  Jacqueline is very personable and engaging, the kids love her!

Zena Harris,  Ronald Harvey Elementary

Jacqueline brings energy to her sessions!

Jacqueline engaged the students from the moment she began her presentation.  Her enthusiasm and humour were perfect.  She spoke with the students and right at their level.  Her passion for kids was truly evident.

Rita Lal,   Bev Facey High School

Excellent Presentation!