Teacher feedback on ‘Ghost Messages Presentation’: I’m wildly enthusiastic and appreciative!  I went right to the computer to research the Transatlantic Cable.

Student feedback: ‘Absolutely awesome!!!’

River Valley School


From Xavier:

“When Jacqueline Guest came to our school she talked about the stories in her books.  She gave us a summary of the book

Ghost Messages and talked a lot about the Great Eastern, a huge ship.  I learned a bit about history and I wanted to read the book.”

From Paula, (the Mom):

“My son was very interested in reading several of Jacqueline’s books after she gave a presentation at the school.  He told me all about the stories and I was delighted to hear how they were based on the history of our country and of Alberta.  What a wonderful opportunity the students had to meet a local writer and to learn about their own ‘backyard’!

(I was also happy to hear that the books were written for different age levels.)”

Paula and Xavier S., Calgary

Student comments:

“It was easy to understand and very funny!!!’

“I liked how she used volunteers to demonstrate the life style.”

“Instead of just explaining, she used props!’

“Thank you for teaching us about history. I will appreciate it more.”

Teacher Comments:

“We have had nothing but positive feedback from students and staff!”

Wendy Bain, Literacy Program Teacher

Vernon Barford Junior High School, Edmonton

We really enjoyed your presentation and we learned so much about Canada’s history with the war and comics.  You really made an impact on them.  I really liked how you began and stayed with the concept of What If. My students really understood how important that is to begin writing and the relationship between being an avid reader and a good writer. Now some of my students are interested in doing some research on Canadian comics. It was truly inspiring.

Teacher – Kisrene McKenzie, Waterfront School

Thank you for coming Mrs. Guest.  I now want to read Belle of Batoche (I’m into war, fantasy, adventure).  Also, those young adult books, I can read that!  They look awesome I think Rink Rivals looks good too.

Student, Sam Livingston School, Calgary, Alberta

I loved your presentation, it was really interesting.  I bet that my favorite books would be Belle of Batoche or Rookie Season because I like to play hokey.  Now that I saw your presentation I’m working on a story on my mom’s laptop, it’s about a snow monster and I’m not giving up!

Student, Sam Livingston School, Calgary, Alberta

This was a wonderful presentation! Jacqueline captivated my class with her stories, personal memories and knowledge of Canadian history, especially the Metis.  Thoroughly enjoyable! My students are very excited to read her books. Inspiring for young, future authors!

Teacher, Sam Livingston School, Calgary, Alberta

Students were very interested in all the artifacts that Jacqueline Guest brought.  The presentation was lively and students learned a lot. She spoke to them at their level and provided a lot of visual aid to go with the presentation.  I love that they are inspired to improve their own writing.

Teacher, Sam Livingston School, Calgary, Alberta

My students loved her and her presentation! She talked to the students not over them.  The presentation was perfect for their age group (grade one and two).”

Teacher, Sam Livingston School, Calgary, Alberta

It was a pleasure to have the children meet and hear Jacqueline’s presentation.  She is a dynamic speaker who spent time talking to the little ones about the importance of reading and writing.  Her motto <<Never Give UP>> has become our too!

Teacher, Sam Livingston School, Calgary, Alberta