I was the one who cracked your Morse code, and won your book when you visited our school! I read the whole thing when I got home from school, and I loved it! I just wanted to asked about the ending of the story and when I read it I burst out in happy and sad tears! I was wondering if there is another book that continues the journey of Ailish, and her friend Paddy. I also would like to know if Davey comes back to visit her again. I will always read that book and never forget that ending!

Grade Five Student

I would like to express my gratitude for your visit on Tuesday and contributing to our Literacy Week. Your presentations were amazing. You had our students engaged and interested. It was wonderful to see their interest and enjoyment. Your books are being asked about and talked about among our students. I have received so many positive comments from students and staff. Thanks for making my first Author Visit a memorable one.

Mrs. Rosa Bicanic
Learning Commons Librarian St. Wilfrid Elementary


From Xavier:

“When Jacqueline Guest came to our school she talked about the stories in her books.  She gave us a summary of the book

Ghost Messages and talked a lot about the Great Eastern, a huge ship.  I learned a bit about history and I wanted to read the book.”

From Paula, (the Mom):

“My son was very interested in reading several of Jacqueline’s books after she gave a presentation at the school.  He told me all about the stories and I was delighted to hear how they were based on the history of our country and of Alberta.  What a wonderful opportunity the students had to meet a local writer and to learn about their own ‘backyard’!

(I was also happy to hear that the books were written for different age levels.)”

Paula and Xavier S., Calgary

Student comments:

“It was easy to understand and very funny!!!’

“I liked how she used volunteers to demonstrate the life style.”

“Instead of just explaining, she used props!’

“Thank you for teaching us about history. I will appreciate it more.”

Teacher Comments:

“We have had nothing but positive feedback from students and staff!”

Wendy Bain, Literacy Program Teacher

Vernon Barford Junior High School, Edmonton

We really enjoyed your presentation and we learned so much about Canada’s history with the war and comics.  You really made an impact on them.  I really liked how you began and stayed with the concept of What If. My students really understood how important that is to begin writing and the relationship between being an avid reader and a good writer. Now some of my students are interested in doing some research on Canadian comics. It was truly inspiring.

Teacher – Kisrene McKenzie, Waterfront School

Thank you for coming Mrs. Guest.  I now want to read Belle of Batoche (I’m into war, fantasy, adventure).  Also, those young adult books, I can read that!  They look awesome I think Rink Rivals looks good too.

Student, Sam Livingston School, Calgary, Alberta

I loved your presentation, it was really interesting.  I bet that my favorite books would be Belle of Batoche or Rookie Season because I like to play hokey.  Now that I saw your presentation I’m working on a story on my mom’s laptop, it’s about a snow monster and I’m not giving up!

Student, Sam Livingston School, Calgary, Alberta

This was a wonderful presentation! Jacqueline captivated my class with her stories, personal memories and knowledge of Canadian history, especially the Metis.  Thoroughly enjoyable! My students are very excited to read her books. Inspiring for young, future authors!

Teacher, Sam Livingston School, Calgary, Alberta

Students were very interested in all the artifacts that Jacqueline Guest brought.  The presentation was lively and students learned a lot. She spoke to them at their level and provided a lot of visual aid to go with the presentation.  I love that they are inspired to improve their own writing.

Teacher, Sam Livingston School, Calgary, Alberta

My students loved her and her presentation! She talked to the students not over them.  The presentation was perfect for their age group (grade one and two).”

Teacher, Sam Livingston School, Calgary, Alberta

It was a pleasure to have the children meet and hear Jacqueline’s presentation.  She is a dynamic speaker who spent time talking to the little ones about the importance of reading and writing.  Her motto <<Never Give UP>> has become our too!

Teacher, Sam Livingston School, Calgary, Alberta

Outstanding presentation!  Jacqueline kept all students engaged during the entire presentation.  She is very enthusiastic about writing, reading and sharing!”  I highly recommend her to any school.

Teacher, Sam Livingston School, Calgary, Alberta

On a 4 point scale, you have achieved 4’s (1 being poor, 4 being amazing!) across the board in terms of the level of skill you have as a presenter, organization, the level of student engagement, the curriculum links, & cultural content & relevance. Students were going to class the day after & still talking about it & were interested in the material. Everyone has nothing but compliments to offer, so kudos to you! I even had a teacher who happened to be in the library (and overheard the presentation) stop in to let me know that he enjoyed what he heard/saw! 🙂

Jen Karpiuk First Nations, Métis & Inuit (FNMI) Program Teacher Crescent Heights High School, Medicine Hat

Jacqueline Guest has a highly motivated and student active performance. Our students enjoyed the story telling and the cool exhibits. She was very easy to work with and went out of her way to accommodate our needs. I wouldn’t hesitate to have her back at our school.

Shane Brewster Vice-Principal Sir Alexander Mackenzie School, Inuvik, NT

Jacqueline created a wonderful experience for our visiting elementary classes, who were taking part in the Library’s celebration of Alberta’s centennial.  She had the entire group of 125 children (and their parents and teachers!) entranced as she talked about her Metis heritage and the culture of the fur trade. Her hilarious re-enactment of a fur trader’s portage (complete with volunteers in furry hats and Metis sashes) kept the audience engaged and asking questions.  Displays of animal bones, teeth and fur as well as native toys and implements added an extra element of interest. Everyone enjoyed the presentation, and we would be glad to host Jacqueline again in the future!

Evette Berry, Youth Services Librarian Calgary Public Library

Our grade six team unanimously agreed that you were the best speaker/presenter that we had ever had!  They were especially positive about the organization of your presentation, the overview of your novels, and the enthusiasm you demonstrated for Canadian History.  The artifacts were most effective in engaging our students.  Many of our children are visual learners and your connections to the artifacts were fascinating to them.  Involving the students by dressing one of them in the costume of the day is always something that children remember fondly.  You have a warm, yet compelling style that is very welcome and worked well for the size of groups. In short, your visit was a real hit!

Shirley Gaura, Principal, Guy Weidick School, Calgary, AB

I love your books! I’m on the 4th chapter of Hat Trick.  You are a great author!  Your presentation was absolutely awesome.  I bought your whole collection of books. I hope I will see you again!  I got so inspired by you that I started to write my own book.”

Student – Sam Livingston School

I absolutely loved your presentation! I want to have read all of your books by the time I’m 15.  I want to be an author and illustrator when I grow up.  You are the author that inspired me the most!

Student – Sam Livingston School

Thank you for coming to our school. Your presentation was fantastic! You taught us a lot about the Metis people and how to be a good writer.

Student – Sam Livingston School

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