Wanted Dead Or Alive!


Can They Catch The Canadian Robin Hood?

After the death of her parents, Kathryn must go to live with her Aunt Belle in Alberta. But a shock is in store for this well-bred young Toronto lady. Arriving at Pincher Creek, Kathryn is horrified to learn her new home is a group of shacks called River Falls, a Métis community.

Never having known her true heritage, Kathryn is further shocked to discover it’s not even a permanent home. Barred from owning land, the Métis must find a way to live in the road allowances, or ditches – the strips of government land between the public highway and the private properties of recognized citizens.

Excitement comes in the form of a mysterious stranger known as the Highwayman, a shadowy Robin Hood figure who rights wrongs against the Métis people in his own way. When he is framed for a crime he did not commit, and Aunt Belle becomes involved, Kathryn must use all her resources to prove their innocence – and challenge the deep-seated beliefs of an entire community.

Outcasts of River Falls is the sequel to the award-winning Belle of Batoche (second book in the Tourond series) and is Jacqueline’s seventeenth book, published by Coteau Books For Kids in April 2012.

ISBN 13: 9781550504804 ISBN 10: 1550504800

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Finalist, Young Adult Book, 2013 High Plains Book Awards


“Like other books written by Guest, this book is unique in the sense that the main characters are well drawn out and face issues that are common to every child, such as bullying, blended families, physical challenges, and personal journeys into discovering who they are and what they can be. This book is great for young readers, and is a great page-turner.”
Christine McFarlane See more

“Elements of the story may seem fantastic, but many details are drawn from archival records and oral histories. Love, political intrigue, and authentic details of turn of the century Metis life and Canadian politics make the Outcasts of River Falls’ an engaging and inspiring read. It will appeal especially to younger teens who, like Kathryn, are learning to navigate legacies of gender, race and class.”
Sandy Bonny, Sask Publishers Group Weekly Book Pick

“Outcasts of River Falls packs an interesting punch, but it has a depth of content that will open up a discussion about equality and acceptance. It does double duty in shining a light on a little known historical Canadian fact while entertaining with a gutsy, outspoken protagonist who impresses and inspires.”
Amber Allen, Canadian Review of Materials