Curriculum Connections:

Grades 7-I2, 60-Minutes

Social Studies PPT lecture on the underlying reasons behind the Red River and North West Resistance, including land rights, religion, political and economic motives.

The Students become a Mock Jury and listen as the Metis side of the conflict is presented. The course of action of the Metis people and their struggle to have their rights defended are shown starting with the Red River Resistance which led to the Manitoba Act and the creation of Manitoba and continuing with the North West Resistance and the Battle of Batoche with the tragic consequences.  The roles of the principal figures are explained including Louis Riel, Sir John A. MacDonald and the Tourond family. My own personal connection is included as my ancestors took part in this pivotal fight for Metis rights.

After hearing the argument for the defence, students vote on whether justice was served and Louis Riel fairly punished.  

Suitable for Grade 7 and up.

Curriculum Connections: Social Studies, Humanities, Government and Language Arts

Requirements For Presentation

PPT projector and screen or Smart Board and a lectern.  Power cords and connection would be an asset.  If connecting to school’s audio-visual system, please allow longer.
Approximately five minutes required to set up and tear down.