The Easy Key Writing Workshop teaches students how to write it right!

Grades 3-6: Easy Key Writing Workshop

In this elementary workshop, students learn how to write using correct methods and processes that ensure work will be technically accurate as well as imaginative and entertaining.  The three-step process means students will have an easy to remember pathway to ensure writing success. The techniques are transferable to any writing assignment including paragraphs, essays and short stories.

Grades 7-12: Senior Easy Key Writing Workshop

This workshop is for the writers in the audience who want to learn how to create a story that is not only technically correct, but one that can lead to further writing – even novels! The tools given are ones the student can take with them in their writing career now and through university.  Practical applications in the classroom and out!

Make Your Mark A Winner!

Both Easy Key Writing Workshops are sixty-minutes in length and should be held in a classroom or other suitable venue where students can write.

In these curriculum based workshops, the basics to constructing a winning essay are covered.  Language Arts teachers will appreciate this practical approach which reinforces the curriculum skills and knowledge that students will need to succeed with their writing assignments.

The Three Easy Keys in these workshops teach the students how to create a story that wins.  Writing exercises to stretch the imagination are teamed with proper form to show students how building their story from the inside out makes sure no marks are lost.  Easy to understand and remember methods to correct rookie mistakes are shown ensuring writing expertise is improved.

The  methods  involved in proper and complete story construction assure students know what goes into a superior piece of writing.  The reasons these elements are so crucial is demonstrated so that students will use them not just in an exam situation, but for everyday assignments whether they are in Language Arts, Social Studies or any other classes.

Jacqueline believes that abstract thought and unrestrained imagination combined with solid writing basics will help students succeed with their writing projects, whatever they may be.

For those students who suffer from Exam Anxiety, Jacqueline provides the Easy Key to writing essays which will improve scores on the Provincial Language Arts Test.  Armed with this fool proof system, students can face that blank page with renewed confidence and competence.

Other thoughts…

The most important tool in the writer’s toolbox is reading!

To write, you must read. Reading is emphasized as a critical foundation for any future undertaking, whether it’s being a writer, an astronaut or an accountant.

Reading is the key to their future; they just don’t know it yet!

Students are encouraged to take a chance on themselves and aim high. They can make their dreams come true!

Outline for Writing Workshops:

The writing workshop is sixty-minutes in length and should be held in a classroom or other suitable venue where students can write. A SmartBoard or an overhead projector and whiteboards with markers are required.

In the workshop, an outline is followed which is the foundation of any writing assignment they will encounter.  Once the student has these all important three keys, in the proper order, writing will come naturally and successfully to students, even those who never know where to start.

Exercises are tailored for either Elementary (Easy Key Writing Workshop) or Junior/Senior High Classes, (Senior Easy Key Writing Workshop).

Student’s do writing exercises to stimulate imaginations and to show them how ideas are everywhere and how putting them together in a readable form is every author’s daunting task.

The idea of writers without borders is an important one. Giving students license to practice writing without rules leads to improved and heightened creativity which is reflected in the exercises done by the students.  They are then reminded that this is only step one, and that true formal writing involves the other two steps we covered in the workshop.

To arrange either the Easy Key Writing Workshop for grades 3-6 or

Senior Easy Key Writing Workshop for grades 7-12,

please e-mail Jacqueline at

Curriculum Connections: Language Arts

Requirements For Presentation

PPT projector and screen or Smart Board and a lectern.  Power cables would be an asset.

Approximately ten minutes required for set up and tear down.

If connecting with school’s audio-visual system, please allow a few minutes longer.

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