Jacqueline’s presentations are tailored to appeal specifically to the grades she is presenting to and can be amended upon consultation with teacher or librarian. Presentations for Kindergarten to Grade Twelve are available. She will present to an audience of up to 50 students at a time and is open to travel.

For twenty years, Jacqueline has toured extensively across North America and has presented to students in over 2000 schools.  She has presented from Iqaluit, NT, to Anaheim, CA.

For more information, or to arrange a talk or visit from Jacqueline, please e-mail Jacqueline at writer@jacquelineguest.com.

Program Descriptions


In conjunction with curriculum requirements, (and because it’s always fun to learn something new), Jacqueline now offers programs for kindergarten through grade twelve with a high aboriginal component.

Through research and consultation with teachers, the content of these programs is specifically created to compliment the First Nations, Metis and Inuit component students currently receive in school programming. These sessions cross curriculums and help students understand the background of aboriginal people and how they helped form the fabric of Canada.

Jacqueline’s FNMI programs are intended to help students explore and enjoy learning about Canada’s First Peoples.

For twenty years Jacqueline has toured extensively across Canada, the United States, Tanzania and Ghana championing literacy. She has presented to students and teachers in over 2000 schools.

For more information about these specialized programs please e-mail Jacqueline at writer@jacquelineguest.com.


Grades K-2, 60-Minutes
Power Point presentation for Division One students who dig dinosaurs. Facts and fiction on our long-gone friends such as why they went extinct, were there Cave Kids way back then and how birds and dinos are related.
Bonus: Students see an actual Hadrosaur dinosaur egg and real dino dung!  Colouring handout.
Curriculum Connections: Science and Language Arts


Grades 3-9, 60-Minutes
Jam-packed hour filled with Literacy, History and Metis Culture with a direct tie-in to Grade 4, 5 and 7 Social Studies. Discover all the important facts about the fur trade: the two major companies, the most valuable fur and why, toys kids played with, uses of the buffalo and much more. Highly visual and student interactive with over fifty actual artefacts to engage, entertain and educate.  History steps off the page and onto the stage!
Curriculum Connections: Social Studies and Language Arts.


Grade 3-I2, 60-minutes
In three easy steps, students learn the essentials to increase Language Arts marks. Students discover what teachers are looking for when they grade essays and how applying simple techniques will improve their writing. Any writing assignment becomes easy when you know these easy keys, even the essay on the dreaded Provincials!
Curriculum Connections: Language Arts


Grades 3-I2, 60-Minutes
Extremely effective tool for increasing critical reading and comprehension skills. Students love to be able to stump the author in the Q & A and read with extra attention to every word.  Used in conjunction with a novel study of one of my titles, students get an insider’s view of the researching, writing, editing, and the publishing process.  Information on the book that only attending this session provides means students have a deeper connection with the story and a better understanding of the plot and character development. Videoconferencing available. (Class Set Discount)
Curriculum Connections: Language Arts, Science and Social Studies


Grade 5-9, 60-Minutes
Learn how the 1865 transatlantic cable changed history. Discover the perils of laying a 4000 kilometre long cable 8 kilometres down under the ocean. What terrible secret was discovered when they tore the ship apart? Watch for a Morse code question at the start of every chapter. Decode and find the answer when you read the book. Contest included in presentation – students decode a Morse code message, then must have the correct answer which was given in the presentation.  First student wins a fabulous prize!
Bonus: Students can examine an actual piece of the 1865 cable.
Curriculum Connections: Language Arts, Social Studies and Science.


Grades 9-I2, 60-Minutes
Social Studies PPT lecture on the reasons behind the North West Rebellion, including land rights, religion, political and economic motives. l explain my own personal connection as my ancestors took part in this pivotal fight for Metis rights. Suitable for Grade 7 and up.
Curriculum Connections: Social Studies, Humanities, Government and Language Arts.


Grades 7-I2, 60-minutes
Discover how Canadians on the Home Front contributed to the war effort in WW2. Learn about rationing, saving stamps, fat drives and those telegrams no one wanted to receive. Discover comic book superheroes with the power to save soldiers fighting overseas. Why did these Canadian superheroes only exist during WW2?
yourself the biggest question in the universe: ‘What if?’ Bonus: students can examine an actual meteorite! Also appropriate for avid readers in Grade 6.
Curriculum Connections: Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Humanities

  • Thank you for coming to our school. Your presentation was fantastic! You taught us a lot about the Metis people and how to be a good writer.

    Student – Sam Livingston School
  • I absolutely loved your presentation! I want to have read all of your books by the time I’m 15.  I want to be an author and illustrator when I grow up.  You are the author that inspired me the most!

    Student – Sam Livingston School
  • I love your books! I’m on the 4th chapter of Hat Trick.  You are a great author!  Your presentation was absolutely awesome.  I bought your whole collection of books. I hope I will see you again!  I got so inspired by you that I started to write my own book.”

    Student – Sam Livingston School
  • Our grade six team unanimously agreed that you were the best speaker/presenter that we had ever had!  They were especially positive about the organization of your presentation, the overview of your novels, and the enthusiasm you demonstrated for Canadian History.  The artifacts were most effective in engaging our students.  Many of our children are visual learners and your connections to the artifacts were fascinating to them.  Involving the students by dressing one of them in the costume of the day is always something that children remember fondly.  You have a warm, yet compelling style that is very welcome and worked well for the size of groups. In short, your visit was a real hit!

    Shirley Gaura, Principal, Guy Weidick School, Calgary, AB
  • Jacqueline created a wonderful experience for our visiting elementary classes, who were taking part in the Library’s celebration of Alberta’s centennial.  She had the entire group of 125 children (and their parents and teachers!) entranced as she talked about her Metis heritage and the culture of the fur trade. Her hilarious re-enactment of a fur trader’s portage (complete with volunteers in furry hats and Metis sashes) kept the audience engaged and asking questions.  Displays of animal bones, teeth and fur as well as native toys and implements added an extra element of interest. Everyone enjoyed the presentation, and we would be glad to host Jacqueline again in the future!

    Evette Berry, Youth Services Librarian Calgary Public Library
  • Jacqueline Guest has a highly motivated and student active performance. Our students enjoyed the story telling and the cool exhibits. She was very easy to work with and went out of her way to accommodate our needs. I wouldn’t hesitate to have her back at our school.

    Shane Brewster Vice-Principal Sir Alexander Mackenzie School, Inuvik, NT
  • On a 4 point scale, you have achieved 4’s (1 being poor, 4 being amazing!) across the board in terms of the level of skill you have as a presenter, organization, the level of student engagement, the curriculum links, & cultural content & relevance. Students were going to class the day after & still talking about it & were interested in the material. Everyone has nothing but compliments to offer, so kudos to you! I even had a teacher who happened to be in the library (and overheard the presentation) stop in to let me know that he enjoyed what he heard/saw! 🙂

    Jen Karpiuk First Nations, Métis & Inuit (FNMI) Program Teacher Crescent Heights High School, Medicine Hat
  • Outstanding presentation!  Jacqueline kept all students engaged during the entire presentation.  She is very enthusiastic about writing, reading and sharing!”  I highly recommend her to any school.

    Teacher, Sam Livingston School, Calgary, Alberta
  • It was a pleasure to have the children meet and hear Jacqueline’s presentation.  She is a dynamic speaker who spent time talking to the little ones about the importance of reading and writing.  Her motto <<Never Give UP>> has become our too!

    Teacher, Sam Livingston School, Calgary, Alberta
  • My students loved her and her presentation! She talked to the students not over them.  The presentation was perfect for their age group (grade one and two).”

    Teacher, Sam Livingston School, Calgary, Alberta
  • Students were very interested in all the artifacts that Jacqueline Guest brought.  The presentation was lively and students learned a lot. She spoke to them at their level and provided a lot of visual aid to go with the presentation.  I love that they are inspired to improve their own writing.

    Teacher, Sam Livingston School, Calgary, Alberta
  • This was a wonderful presentation! Jacqueline captivated my class with her stories, personal memories and knowledge of Canadian history, especially the Metis.  Thoroughly enjoyable! My students are very excited to read her books. Inspiring for young, future authors!

    Teacher, Sam Livingston School, Calgary, Alberta