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Jacqueline’s interactive curriculum-based History & Culture Presentations appeal to students in all grade levels and are of interest as they incorporate her own background as she shows how the Metis people are a strong part of the fabric of Canada ’s past.

Her Easy Key Writing Workshops provides the EasyKey Method to facing a language arts exam and passing!  She also teaches writing how-to’s and encourages children to follow their own literary dreams.

Jacqueline has a variety of cross curriculum presentations (Social Studies, Language Arts, Government, Humanities and Science) for the following grades.


Jacqueline’s entertaining keynote speeches are a great way to engage an audience.  Her wide range of topics and experience means she can tailor her speech to the theme of your event.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a presentation?

My author visits and writing workshops are about an hour long and are timed to fit perfectly into a classroom period.

How many students can you talk to in one session?

Preferred number of students depends on the individual program. Please see specific program for max number of students.

What do you need for your presentation?

Each presentation has its own requirements. Please visit the specific program page to see what is required.

If I’m doing the presentation in a gym, I need a microphone, preferably a lapel mike or something that is hands free.

How can we prepare our students for your presentations?

The sessions work best when the students are familiar with one of my works. If you can have them read one of my novels that would be ideal. If that is not possible, have them read at least the first chapter of one of my books. MAIL IN ORDER BOOKS ONLINE ORDER BOOKS

Can you travel to our community?

Yes, I have presented across Canada, and I am willing to travel if you cover my expenses. Please email me for the travel cost breakdown.

And check the calendar for dates that I am travelling and I might be in the neighbourhood in the near future.

When can we book you?

I’m available throughout the school year. Check the calendar for available dates.

Will you do Skype presentations?

Yes, I can do Skype presentations for small groups.

What are your costs?

Please email me for my current rates.


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